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Posted on: 01/05/2020

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One of the synonyms for civic spirit is “pride in your city”. This seems particularly appropriate at the moment. Even in the darkest moments of the current pandemic it is difficult not to feel great pride in our communities when we see the ways in which individuals have come together to support each other and help those who are more vulnerable than themselves.

When I look on Twitter and see examples of student and staff contributions towards helping others in these unprecedented times, or sharing work they have completed independently under the hashtag of DGS Pride, I feel incredibly proud of our own “city”, our school community. I am impatient to be able to be in school as Headteacher working closely with you all.

Another element of civic spirit is being an active citizen and I know some students are engaged in different projects fundraising or helping to support many of the frontline services. We see the daily selflessness of individuals in our NHS and the many other frontline services in the news and the incredible generosity of spirit from so many people; their capacity for greatness at such a difficult time is humbling. We can all play our part even if we can’t leave the house and  never before have small sacrifices, like staying at home or daily acts of kindness, like showing patience with siblings and helping family members, despite being in the house together for what may seem a very long time, counted for so much.

I enjoyed a family quiz online at the weekend where, through the magic of technology, grandchildren helped grandparents use social media apps they had never used before and family patience was tested by those who couldn’t understand the vital importance of the mute microphone button. We shouted, laughed and shared some special moments, despite the fact that this would not have been our first choice of things to do on a Saturday evening 6 weeks ago.  This small act of kindness of a relative in organising this event allowed us all to connect with each other and reduced the isolation felt by so many of us in the current times. We may not all be able to engage in great acts which demonstrate civic spirit but I would encourage you to think of the small things you can do for your family and your community in the current times as these are just as important.

The DGS community is still there and waiting for you and that DGS pride has never been so important. Whether you are a student, member of staff, parent, governor or part of the wider local community, keep sharing and talking to us about what you are doing; that sense of belonging to our school is what links us together and makes us stronger. 

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