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Miles in May 2020

Posted on: 03/06/2020

Miles in May 2020From May 1st to May 31st 2020 DGS students and staff alike were provided with the opportunity to take part in a movement challenge organised by the PE Department. This challenge asked for staff and students to see how many miles they could move by either running, walking or cycling for an hour per day; following government guidelines at the time, and finally for as long as they liked once guidelines were changed.

Many staff and students rose to the challenge and managed to move 2681 miles in the first week! As the weeks progressed so did the miles with the school moving 2705 miles in week 2, 2960 miles in week 3 and 3857 miles in week 4 +3 days.

The overall movement total by May 31st was 12,203 miles; a phenomenal effort, with the following results achieved by each year group and staff cohort:

Year 7 – 1953 miles

Year 8 – 2196 miles

Year 9 – 480 miles

Year 10 – 1160 miles

Staff – 6410 miles

The PE Department would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who participated, not only did we manage to stay active during May, increasing our physical, emotional and social health, but many House Points were awarded and some students received further recognition on a weekly basis for their efforts, whether that be for the most miles moved or for their continuous movement week to week.

We look forward to further challenges in the future.

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