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Posted on: 19/06/2020

Self Care

Looking after yourself well has never been so important. At a time when the world keeps changing and we are constantly adapting our version of what “normal” life looks like, it is sometimes hard to find space and time for yourself and to prioritise what matters. Whether you are working or learning from home or adapting to unfamiliar social distancing expectations in the workplace, this is a time where we all need to make space in the daily routine for ourselves.

For me, self-care is making sure I find time for my family. My own mental and physical wellbeing is at its best when I am able to juggle home and work as effectively as possible. This doesn’t always work and I am no stranger to the guilt of working too hard and not spending enough time at home in a busy week! Looking after myself well means trying to make sure that when those weeks are busy, the time I am at home is meaningful and I am not distracted by emails or work thoughts when listening to my children share their daily experiences of home learning. Going for a run in the evening or walking the dogs around the fields in the Cotswolds where I live, helps to clear my head and I am usually a much nicer person as a result!

Earlier in my career I never quite believed that exercise could help me feel better when I was tired but I am a convert to the way in which getting out and about helps to clear my mind and ease any daily stresses. I watched an excellent school assembly a few years ago which posed the question of whether we have become “battery humans”, plugged into a screen and going through daily life without stepping back and finding meaning in what we are doing.

We have probably all been for more walks than ever before over the last few months but taking that short time each day to step away from the screen and my phone has been something I want to hold on to moving forwards.

We can only be the best versions of ourselves if we look after ourselves well, so do take someTFFT time for you this weekend! 


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