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Posted on: 03/07/2020


Self care circle

In these recent times of uncertainty, self-care is something we all need to prioritise. Changes, that are out of our control are being made regularly and are then impacting on our day to day routine. When we reflect on what recent personal changes we have had to make to our lifestyle, we come to realise how important a bit of “me time” is.

There are endless activities we can do to provide ourselves with self-care. In my opinion, self-care refers to the fun things we enjoy doing. This should not require energy or effort; it should be time we set aside for ourselves to do something we enjoy.

For me, the best form of self-care is a comfy pair of pyjamas, burrowed in the sofa, under a blanket with a good book and my cat (hence the picture at the top, which includes all those things). Other forms of self-care I enjoy, especially now the weather is warmer, is nice walks with my dog and fiancé after I finish work in the evening.

I think it is important to appreciate the benefits of self-care. I am guilty of thinking that I need to continually work to ensure I don’t fall behind. However, during lockdown I have begun to appreciate the importance of allowing some time each day for myself to do the things I enjoy. This change has resulted in improved mood, more energy and better work productivity. I have found that by allowing myself 20 minutes in the morning to go for a walk or do some exercise, I have been in a better mindset to complete my work and feel more positive.

Self-care should be something you enjoy doing. Reflect and think about what changes you have had to make to your lifestyle recently and ask yourself, have you allowed any time for you?

Have a lovely weekend and allow some time for yourselves!

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