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Climate Action Competition

Posted on: 15/01/2021

Climate Action logoDespite the pandemic, climate action is still a priority for our students, and our year 11 climate leaders have been collaborating virtually to launch their new climate newsletter; Hot Issue.  Our first issue features a profile on two of our climate leaders as well as helpful tips to reduce deforestation.  To see this fortnights’ Hot Issue, see the weekly bulletin.

Our next climate competition, for staff and students, will be about reducing our waste consumption.  We would like you to investigate how much all the waste packaging, paper and plastic you produce in 5 days weighs. 

To enter email the following to Miss Carter:

1. A prediction of much waste you will produce in 5 days,

2. How much waste you produce in 5 days in grams,

3. A pledge the whole school can follow to reduce waste consumption.  For more information, see the weekly bulletin. 

Climate Action now has a twitter account, follow @DGSClimateAction for updates on our energy usage dashboard, Hot Issue and house competitions! 

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