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Posted on: 30/04/2021

Lost Santa: 

By Rhoda Shields 8JRH 

So, HI. I’m Santa Claus and if you are reading this then I owe you my survival. Well at least I hope I do because if you just ignore this, and leave poor old Father Christmas lost, then I guess there won't be any presents this year. But you know, it is up to you so, HO HO HO. 

So, you have decided to help poor old Santa then. Thanks. You, reader, are my survival plan and will hopefully help me get in a state to deliver presents for Christmas, so a lot of pressure!! I am a bit stuck, no elves, no reindeer and so am quite lost. I was on my way to pick up a movie about myself (I love to see how wrong they get me, Christmas tradition you know!) when it started to rain. Everything was so foggy and wet, and everyone was lost. The elves aren’t with me so that’s no help, and all the reindeer went in different directions! Thankfully, I at least have plenty to drink, (snow!) and have a mince pie under my hat in case of an emergency, just like this one, so really my only problem is, how to get back to the north pole! Now I was pondering this when my idea came to me. A message in a bottle! I mean, they use it all the time in books and movies so why not give it a try myself. I decided that all I need is a squid to give the ink and a piece of paper. As you can see, I found the ink all right, but the paper was a problem, so I have just used my Christmas hat instead! You now have in your hands every child's dreams, Father Christmas’s hat. HO HO HO. So, now you're up to date, do you reckon you could help me. To find me look for a - 

And with that Father Christmas ran out of writing space (and ink) so I will have to carry on his story for you, see, I found Father Christmas 500 miles from any sign. He wasn’t too happy when I found him, not too surprising, and his emergency mince pie was long gone. He had been so bored, he told me. Poor old Santa! To keep himself entertained he had made an igloo out of all the snow. His Mince pie, he had said, was a treat he saved until he could wait no more.  

So, reader, that is the story of how Father Christmas got lost in the snow and I saved Christmas (in a way). Oh, P.S, Father Christmas did get his movie! 

Thanks for reading,

R Shields


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