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Miss Littler's Thought for the Term

Posted on: 30/04/2021



Diversity   heart shaped hands

A school where everyone is included, at the heart of the community is one of our core values. Whilst diversity could be interpreted as a factual description of the make-up of that community, inclusion is a choice and we are proud that this is at the heart of our practice in all of the schools across our Trust.

The beauty of diversity lies in recognising and celebrating our differences but also the strength of that which unites us and hold us together. At school this is often characterised through our values and in the actions of our community. Reflecting on diversity should encourage us to think about the positive steps we can take to be even more inclusive and consider the deliberate choices we can make each and every day to recognise and celebrate diversity through leadership actions and the manner in which we treat one another in even the smallest of ways.

It can be tempting to hide our differences, or feel a sense of defeat at the challenges that have to be overcome when the world around us does not mirror the inclusivity we know it should. It takes both courage and strength to stand up and celebrate your own diversity and it takes even greater strength to ensure that our actions are consistently inclusive. I am proud to be part of a school and a Trust where we aim to ensure our values shine through everything we do and I am excited about the next steps and ways in which we can seek to do more.

Perhaps spend a moment this week thinking about what Diversity means for you and those around you. Be proud of the way in which you are unique.

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