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Posted on: 09/06/2021

Year 7

Year 7 created #DGSstrong as their year group community project to symbolise the many ways they are strong as individuals and as a group! Look for the bees, waves, butterflies and pack of wolves that decorate the Year 7 corridor! 

7CIM chose the theme of the balloon house from the film UP! because without every single balloon, the house can't float - just like each member of our tutor group works together to lift each other up. 

7APH chose the theme of bees to demonstrate the power of working in a team and working together to form a strong community

7CXB chose a theme of self-portraits to show how individuals come together to form a larger community. Some of the portraits also include pets, favourite clothing or possessions to give further information about our personalities!

7RJW chose Smurfs because although they are all individual and unique with their own personality, they are a family and support each other. 

7EBT chose a bee hive idea as they wanted to represent how they feel belonging to a group and what can be achieved when we work together. 

7ALB  chose a school of fish to show the strength in a group sticking together. They chose the ocean as a background because of how the sea can be volatile and changeable, but the fish can still remain together and the coral on the bottom as a symbol of growth and individuality. 

7EXH  chose the wolves and bees because they are two animals that rely on each other, work and live together and help each other out. They each coloured in a wolf differently to symbolise their individuality within their togetherness. Mushrooms create an underground network of roots with each other that enables them to stay strong and grow together.


Dgs strong 

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