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Hannah Ackland Snow finishes successful archery season with UK Junior Masters

Posted on: 21/09/2021

The outdoor season more or less ended today for Archer Hannah Ackland-Snow, and what a way to finish. Yesterday, she passed her coaching assessment, becoming an official coach and now starts helping and encouraging new archers. She has clocked up well over 60hrs of coaching over the summer holidays as well as maintaining her own training and competing. She has coached everyone from 7 year-olds to a 67 year-old, as well as embracing the challenge of coaching someone profoundly deaf - all of which she approached with the same level of respect and enthusiasm.

On Sunday 19th September she ticked of her last goal of season and attended the UK Junior Masters Archery Competition, in which she performed beautifully: she went with a plan and stuck to it. 

Hannah has learnt over this summer that goals are not always outcome-based and that those based on process can be far more rewarding and helpful. Some of her goals this season included: being a mentor to other archers, maintaining technical training, attending a GB selection shoot, understanding process, and learning to make a plan for each shoot and keeping to it regardless of outcome. 

Even having such a full schedule and dragging her parents up and down the length and breadth of the country, Hannah has spent any free time with family and friends, and has, impressively, managed to stay on top of all her homework too!

In front of Hannah is the “off season” rather than indoor season. The “Off Season” is where the hard work is. The training will increase, the strength and conditioning work will increase, and technical work carries on at a faster pace, but, undoubtedly, she will attack this as she does everything - head-on.

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