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Associate Head Boy's Thought for the Term

Posted on: 24/09/2021


Commitment - what it means to me.Greatest commitment yourself

The Oxford Languages' definition of commitment is a pledge or bond to a certain course or policy. To be dedicated. I know that, for me, commitment hasn’t always come easily. It’s a daily struggle to gain the motivation to uphold your word, whether that be to those close to you, your work, or even to yourself. In my experience, it's quite often the last one that’s the hardest.

Being committed to our family and friends is an act of love through dedication. It’s keeping our promises and not letting people down. But it’s also more than that. It’s staying by the ones we love no matter what. Throughout lockdown, I saw many of my friends suffering through quarantine, struggling with the presence of mental illness, but we stuck together. We made time to check up on each other, making sure everyone was looking after themselves. It became part of the daily routine to make sure that everyone was eating and drinking properly. Because, clichéd as it is, the ultimate sign of friendship and love is to stay committed to each other through wind, rain and fire. Regardless of what happens, we know that we have each other.

Commitment to work is something that I know everyone has struggled with- I certainly have, especially when feeling under pressure. I find myself procrastinating and sometimes, on cold, dark mornings, I must dig deep for the motivation to get out of bed and get prepared for my day. I am someone who personally struggles to lead myself, to motivate myself, but with the prospect of exams closing in and the fantastic opportunities offered at school, I am switched on and working hard for the grades I want by committing myself to it. People often say that effort is the key to success. They’re right, but it’s not a one-off occurrence. You have to consistently commit. If you commit to your work, study when you need to and uphold a good work/life balance, then you’ll go far in life and succeed at whatever job you come to do. On top of that, the commitment will lead to achievements, and achievements bring happiness.

Finally, I’d like to talk about perhaps the most important and most challenging aspect of commitment- commitment to yourself. This includes looking after yourself on a basic level such as drinking, eating and sleeping enough as well as keeping your promises to yourself. Think back to New Year - how many of you committed to your resolutions? I’m sure many of you are very much enjoying your daily 5k runs or speaking in those newly learnt languages. Even if you fell just short of the goal, you were dedicated and you worked towards those intentions, and for that you should be proud.

Thank you for reading, Stay committed!

Asher Wong

Associate Head Boy

St Birinus School

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