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Designer Toilets at Didcot Girls' School

Posted on: 03/09/2020

As we prepare to welcome back our students to DGS, we also want to welcome them to have a look at the new stunning toilets in the Frideswides building, which have undergone an amazing transformation over the summer.  Our excellent site team have worked alongside inspirational local Interior Designer, Kate Williams, of 'The Bee and the Dodo', to turn the area from a 'bog standard' toilet  block, into a designer, high spec, stunning set of cubicles!   The final stages of the makeover are due to be completed any day and include a set of beautiful framed pictures taken by DGS pupils inspired by their local environment.  The initial idea for the makeover came from the DGS School Council who got involved in both designing the project and funding it. Surely these are the best school toilets in Oxfordshire?

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