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Miss Littler's Thought for the Term

Posted on: 04/09/2020

Fresh StartsStart of a new journey1

I love September, the new school year ahead and the possibilities that await us all. Now is a time for new resolutions and the chance to start afresh and embrace new things. After a long time away from school for many students, it truly is a new beginning and I would urge you to embrace all the challenges and adventures that lie ahead.  This is a chance to reconnect and is a moment of real hope.

It is easy to have lists of new things you are going to do and the things that you will do this year that you haven’t done before and it is just as easy to start with good intentions and then let them slip as the new school year moves on. Try and pick one or two resolutions and find the willpower to stick with them. The pride you will feel in this achievement will be well worth it!

When I talked to staff about the return to school this week, I shared this quote from New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern about her daughter;

“I hope that she doesn’t feel any limitations. That she doesn’t have any sense of what girls can or can’t do. That it’s just not even a concept for her.”

This is my resolution for the school year ahead. For us to continue having the highest expectations of ourselves and each other and to reach for the very top, helping each other on the climb.

I hope your fresh start is full of excitement and that you, too, are full of optimism for the term ahead. I can’t wait.

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